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Facilities Management and Maintenance

Our Maintenance Division specialises in property maintenance of offices, retail units, commercial buildings, mixed development, government, industrial, hospitality, healthcare and educational premises. Cloncad has developed a reputation for prompt cost effective preventative maintenance with an engineering focus on cost reduction at all times. Its been proven within the industry that a facility maintained on a quarterly basis not only reduces maintenance costs over time but it also spreads the costs across the calendar year.

Our Preventative Maintenance services range from Electrical Medium Voltage Switch Gear to Low Voltage Switch Gear, Lighting and Emergency Lighting Systems including Fire Alarm Detection Systems, Security, Access Control, CCTV, Mechanical Systems and Lightning Protection Systems.

When you enter a preventative maintenance programme with Cloncad you experience a peace of mind knowing that your systems are being maintained quarterly without any tracking requirements from you as the Client. Cloncad register your Maintenance Requirements on our Live Maintenance Tracker (LMT) and after each quarterly visit a detailed report is issued confirming the status of each system detailing any remedial works which may be required.

Our Maintenance Division also provide a 24/7/365 reactive maintenance service to our Clients who do not have a preventative maintenance programme in place.

Choosing Cloncad for your Maintenance Requirement will insure you have access to a Live Responsive and Honest service backed up by the most experienced engineers in the industry which will be available to you either on a planned programme or just a phone call away

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